Farmer’s Market Fresh Bean and Corn Salad

RECIPE: Okay, people.  When I said this stuff was easy, I wasn’t kidding.  Here’s your first recipe – Farmers Market Fresh Bean and Corn Salad.  Colorful, healthy, and easy.  Exhibit A:

Beany beany, corny corny...

Beany beany, corny corny...

And to break it on down for yo’ funky bad self:

Famer's Market Fresh Bean and Corn Salad.  UNGH, Baby!

Farmer's Market Fresh Bean and Corn Salad. UNGH, Baby!

I mean, seriously?  That’s it.  And most of this stuff you can get at your local farmer’s market, so I’m encouraging you to set your alarm, wipe off the hangover from Saturday night, and GET OUT THERE, PEOPLE!

1 big knife
1 container
1 strainer
1 cutting board thingy

1 ear corn
1 tomato
1 clove garlic
1 small bunch flat leaf parsley
1 onion
1 small avocado
1 can black beans
olive oil
salt & pepper
lemon juice

Okay, now for the recipe.  Let’s start at the bottom:

1 ear fresh corn, kernels shaved off with the big knife.  Those suckers’ll roll everywhere so clear the way…

1 tomato – any kind you like.  Cut in half, then half again, then just keep cutting until you have lots of little pieces.  I believe this is called “Dicing,” my friends.

1/2 vidalia onion (or a whole small one) – actually you can use any kind of onion – red onion would be tasty too, but strong those buggers are!  (“Strong those buggers are”?  Who am I, Yoda with that grammar?)  I like vidalias because they’re the sweet, summer onions and it reminds me of my Great Aunt Georgia in Savannah.  Dice this up as well.

Handful flat leaf parsley – shave the leafy bits off the stems as best you can, and then bunch them up in a ball so you can effectively chop them with your big knife.

1 clove garlic – put the big knife down sideways on the clove and give it a good *SMACK*.  This serves the dual purpose of getting out your aggressions on a helpless vegetable, and loosening the garlic “casing” so you can easily and cleanly pull the clove out.  Chop this sucker for all you’re worth and toss in.

1 can black beans – pour into a strainer first and rinse with water for a couple secs to get all the bean juice goo off them.  Mmm, so apppetizing.

Dressing: this is where you probably want to have started with a big bowl instead of the cute little tupperware container, but oh well.  So the dressing is just extra virgin olive oil, salt and pepper, and lemon juice (you can get one of those plastic “lemons,” and squeeze a couple streams out of it – not so “natural” but they keep forever and real lemons go bad, let’s face it).  I’m not giving you any amounts with these because you kinda just “taste” your way through it.  Okay fine, start with maybe a couple tablespoons of the oil, then add the salt and pepper and then start adding lemon juice and more oil until it’s the taste and consistency you like.

Ah loves me a pretty plate, people!  So spoon some of this heaven out on a nice bright plate, and then, THEN, la piece de resistance!, add some chunks of fresh avocado on the top.  Squirt a bit more lemon juice to keep the avo bright green, and ENJOY!  (If you put the avo in with everything else, it’ll just smash and turn brown, which let’s face it, is totally lame.)

See?  That wasn’t so bad, was it?  And this stuff keeps in the fridge for about a week so you can make it on Sunday and have some with lunch each day, you know, while you work on the songs for your next album.  But beware – black beans are smelly little things.  Let’s just say your nose will know when this salad is no longer ready for prime-time…

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    Merry Leonard said,

    Hey, this is really useful; I will definitely try the cornbread.
    I have a HOT (as in Serrano juice, my preference) chocolate mousse that I will happily share if you like. Make mousse; as the final step, add any piquante liquid to taste. Add a little more.
    That’s it. It tastes really good.
    keeping on happily, Merry

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