Punky Chef recommends…

So I thought I should make a page of recommendations for other (real) chefs, websites, and restaurants you should check out.  These people *actually* know what they’re doing, and they do it so wonderfully, that the word MUST BE SPREAD!

1. Dan Barber – An incredible chef and very nice guy who went to my high school, Dan Barber has made a big impact on the restaurant world, not just by being talented, but by incorporating local farming into his cooking and raising awareness all over the country about eating local and organic.  Eat in his restaurants.  Praise be to the Barber.

2. Ina Garten – my true cooking love.  Watch her show.  Buy her books.  Give me her phone number.  I love you, Ina.  Please adopt me.

3. Louisa Shafia and Lucid Food – Louisa is a woman after my own passions – cooking, music, and saving the planet.  She founded her catering company, Lucid Food, on the concept of “no-waste” catering, composting, and local and organic suppliers.  LOUISA SAY: “We handpick our produce from farmer’s markets and local food purveyors, and buy meat and poultry where we personally know that a high standard of care is adhered to.  Our kitchen composts 100% of our organic waste, and we offer clients the unique option of no-waste or low-waste events, where supplies are transported in recycled or reusable containers, and all biodegradable plates and cups are composted.”  And if she wasn’t cool ENOUGH already, Lucid Food also donates 5% of their proceeds to NYC non-profits.  LOVE THE LUCID.  LOVE THE LOUSIA.

4. Lastomach.com (LA Stomach) – Another wonderful blog written by a high school compadre of mine – focussing on the psychology of eating and enjoyment of food in a sustainable way.  And despite how dry I just made that sound, it’s totally rockin’ awesome.  This link points you to one of my favorite articles, titled (of course) “How Punk Rock and Burrata Changed History.”  Blog it up, babies.

5. iCarly – this has nothing to do with cooking, or reality in general, but this is the greatest “tween” TV show ever made, and despite being COMPLETELY the wrong demographic for it, I can’t stop watching.

6. WeeliciousThis is a great site with easy, organic, and healthy recipes for baby and kids’ food!  Never seen one like it and I highly suggest you check it out.  As Weelicious creator, Catherine McCord says, “Parents’ lives are busy, but we also want our kids to have the best. The recipes on weelicious.com are delicious, nutritious and easy, but most important, they’re fast. I make cooking fun for everyone in our family. I prop Kenya in his high chair and let him be part of the process. Who knows, maybe Kenya will be a great chef someday. Ahh… a Mother’s dream.” Go, Kenya!  Go, Kenya!

7. Duo DishesChrystal and Amir are truly fabulous foodies, with their noses to the ground (eew) and an amazing talent for being real (and real fun!) about food.  They can bone a duck (minds out of the gutter, people) and they can stuff a sugar cookie with Nutella – these are definitely people you want to get to know.  (And I’m so glad I did – last Sunday at our fave Thai restaurant, the hopefully-soon-famous Torung on Hollywood Boulevard.)  The Duos say: “The aforementioned duo includes Chrystal and Amir–two people who love to cook, love to eat and love to talk about cooking and eating.  They invite you to hop aboard the passion eater train and see what’s cooking in the kitchen.”  And don’t miss their perfect commentary on the Gourmet 5 Year Old Party – LA loves her “comfort food”, but sometimes hype overtakes substance, eh?  When I read this post from the Duos, I knew it was the beginning of a beautiful friendship…

More recommendations to follow…


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