Greek Nachos – A Great Late Night Snack

Just got back from a gig tonight with the happy problem, and I find myself with a bad case of the munchies.  But case closed!  (Oh I slay myself…)  I filled my craving with some easy, YUMMY late-night Greek Nachos:

Aaah, such colorful yumminess!

Aaah, such colorful yumminess!

Okay, they’re not just for late-night – these were very popular at a Super Bowl party recently too.  And they’re so easy!

1. Knife (big or small)
2. Cutting Board
3. Toaster Oven
4. Maybe a spatula

1. Soft pita – you can do these with the more common thin pitas, but I found this great, thick soft pita tonight in the grocery store and these work MUCH BETTER.  They withstand the topping and toasting, and they have such a great texture and taste.  Treat yourself!  If you’re snacking this late, you probably did something to deserve it, right?

Not even called "pita" - who knew?

Not even called "pita" - who knew?

2. Tub of Pesto
3. 1 Tomato
4. Feta Cheese
5. Greek (Calamata) Olives

Yeah, so this one’s all about the toaster oven, and I’m a big believer in toaster ovens because they’re so much smaller and easier to heat than regular ovens, which of course then uses less electricity and helps keep our planet alive!

(Wow, calm ye down, Your Punkyness.  Who knew someone could save the world with a toaster oven?)

Anyway, heat the toaster oven to 350º.  Take 2 pitas and cut them into triangles (you know, half, half again, half again, etc?) and lay flat on the toaster oven tray, trying to cover the whole surface but not lay the pieces on top of each other if possible.  Spread pesto over them.

Chop up the tomato and squeeze it in your hands a bit to get rid of some of the moisture.  Too much tomato “juice” will make your nachos soggy.  Spread the chopped tomato over the pesto.

Crumble feta over the whole thing.

Chop about 8-10 calamata olives and squeeze the bits in your hand to get rid of some of their moisture, then spread evenly over the pita pieces as well.

Pop it all in the toaster for about 10 minutes or until you see the pesto bubbling a bit and the feta melting.  It won’t melt much, but you’ll see it soften.  Be careful not to burn the pita, too. (Another great thing about toaster ovens – perfect sightlines!  Unless you have too much crud on the front winow, in which case time for some spring toaster cleaning, my friend.  Steel wool and some Windex oughta work for you.) (But don’t tell anyone I said that in case there’s something horribly toxic about cleaning your toaster oven with Windex.  I guess check back with me in 20 years on that one.)

Wow – I’ve totally ruined the Greek Nacho mojo at this point haven’t I?  All this talk about Windex and such.  BUT DON’T LET THAT STOP YOU!  After about ten minutes, pop that tray out and VOILA!  Your perfect late-night, midday, Super Bowl party snack is READY.  Time to place the nachos on a plate, (this is where the spatula might come in handy), SERVE and ENJOY!


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