Mozzarella, Basil, Tomato Sandwich – God Save the Queen!

Need a quick, beautiful, tasty sandwich that will make you feel like royalty? Get’cher Farmer’s Market loot and combine with some fresh, floaty mozzarella and some healthy wheat bread, and you’ve got it! Witness: Mozzarella Basil Tomato Sandwich – or as I’m calling it, the God Save the Queen!

Like flags in a royal procession...

Like flags in a royal procession...

Yes, if your mouth isn’t watering now, you’re just not human. Or a dog or a bug. (Because I think bugs would like this sandwich, too.) But I digress! This sandwich is also so easy to make that you can do it with only one ankle. (I know this because on Wednesday night, I broke my ankle. Yes. So there’s not a lot of tossing and whipping around the kitchen happening for this Punky Chef at the moment.)

At least it looks punky, eh?

At least it looks punky, eh?

So, get ‘cher boot on and here we go. Now, technically, this combo would be called a “Caprese Sandwich”, but we’re calling it a “God Save the Queen,” because my good friend Carolyn has told me I should name all of the Punky Chef creations after punk bands and punk themes. Trouble is, most punk bands have names like the Velvet Underground, which makes me think of mold in the fridge. (However, it would be the PERFECT name for a red velvet cake recipe, but I don’t like red velvet cake, so I will never make it for you.) Or you could name something a “Sid n’ Nancy,” but then all we think of is heroin and blood, and that’s not very appetizing, though it could make a great cocktail, I suppose. Even the thought of eating something called a “Sex Pistol” – well, I don’t have to tell you.

But then I thought, wait – there is nothing so classic and filled with pageantry as a fresh mozzarella, basil, and tomato sandwich, and what else is classic and filled with pageantry? THE QUEEN! So we arrive at the title for this fabulous and fast sandwich – and you can imagine the most famous Sex Pistols song, or you can imagine carriages, crowns, and receptions. Either way, it’s damn tasty, so let’s get started!

Sharp knife
Small glass or cup

1 plum tomato
ball of fresh mozzarella (click that link to see about bocconcini – the smaller “bite-sized” balls of fresh mozz you can buy in a tub at the grocery store. They float in water to keep fresh, but don’t be scared. I know, I know, wet cheese – who’d a thunk? But just go with me on this one.)
5 big leaves of fresh basil
Tbsp olive oil
Tsp balsamic vinegar

Toast two pieces of bread. You can be fancy and get a ciabatta roll or a baguette, or just do what I do which is to use Weight Watchers wheat sliced bread – that’s more punky anyway, right? Fly in the face of convention at all times! ha HAH!

Okay, once you are done shouting rebellion about wheat bread, slice the ball of mozz into about 5 pieces, slice the tomato the same way, and wash your 5 big basil leaves, squeezing them out like a paper towel and trying to get as much moisture out as possible. Basil wilts and darkens really quickly, so maybe even pat it dry with a paper towel if you have the patience. (I don’t.)

Pour the tablespoon olive oil and teaspoon balsamic vinegar into a small cup, add a dash of ground pepper and a pinch of salt, and wisk it all together with your fork. Drizzle over the two pieces of toast, trying to be delicate so you don’t soak the poor things. Then lay two big basil leaves, three slices of tomato, three slices of mozz, then repeat until you’ve laid it all on there. Close ‘er up, and slice diagonally so you look all gourmet n’ stuff. AND NOW:


How easy was that? And then you bite into the combination of tart vinegar, aromatic basil, juicy tomato, creamy mozz, and crunchy toast, and you exclaim, “OH! God save the QUEEN, this sandwich is so good!” Or something like that…

ONE LAST NOTE: As I said, this sandwich is typically called a “Caprese” – just like the caprese salad you would find in many restaurants. So I’m not at all claiming to have invented this! But I was just hungry now, and looking through the kitchen to see what was left from last week’s Farmer’s Market expedition, and I saw the basil and the tomato, and thought a-HAH! Plus, it’s a sandwich you should know how to make – I mean, you are CIVILIZED, after all, right? Jeez.


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  1. 1

    lailablogs said,

    looks yummy … simple and delicious .. Laila ..

  2. 2

    Yummy good stuff! A very quick and easy sandwich that always pleases! I love the fact that Whole Foods has them ready to go if I’m running around and getting hungry.

    Variations… fresh buffalo mozzarella, tomato, and pesto on grilled (in butter) sourdough bread. If the sourdough is especially sour, though, it can be a bit much with the pesto.

    Lately, I usually I make it with either Jewish or dark rye (whichever is freshest at the bakery) and provolone. The pesto is addictive, I swear!

  3. 3

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