Lemon Pesto Pop Chop Salad!

No, do not adjust your monitor – you read that right.  Have you ever said you wanted to drink pesto through a straw?  Well now you practically can.  This chop salad has carrots, walnuts, tomato, mozzarella, avocado, and romaine, and along with the lemon-pesto dressing, it totally POPs in your mouth.  Witness: Lemon Pesto Pop Chop Salad:

POP!  CRACKLE!  SNAP!  Wait a second, that sounds familiar...

POP! CRACKLE! SNAP! Wait a second, that sounds familiar...

And the best thing about this salad, is that most of the ingredients came from my Farmer’s Market!  All I did was chop and POP.  Come with me, young grasshoppah…

Serves: 1

Big knife
Salad spinner

1/2 Plum tomato
1 Carrot
Handful walnuts
Fresh mozzarella cheese
1/4 large avocado
1/2 lemon
2 spoonfuls pesto
Kosher salt/pepper

So we chop, and then we stir and then we pour and then we EAT!  Pretty simple.  First take two handfuls of romaine from your plastic tub.  (See
TIPS section for cleaning, chopping, and storing romaine – I use a plastic tub.)  Add one chopped carrot (TIPS again), half a chopped plum tomato, a handful of chopped walnuts, two thick slices of fresh mozzarella cheese, chopped, (are you getting the chopping thing here, people?), and 1/4 of an avocado… drum roll… CHOPPED!

You’re getting the hang of it, I can tell.  And here’s what you have so far:

so naked, no?

so naked, no?

Sprinkle some kosher salt and pepper over the whole chopped party there.  (And why kosher salt?  Two words for you: Ina Garten.)  And now you’re ready for the dressing.

I’m a little reluctant to say that I “made” this dressing, because all I did was add lemon to pesto.  Seriously.  I am not punky kidding you.  But it really worked and I must proclaim my discovery to the world.

So I had about two spoonfuls of pesto left in a tub (again with the tubs – what is it with you today?) so I took half a lemon, stuck a fork in it, and just started squeezing until I got about 1/8 of a cup or maybe 2 tablespoons-ish of lemon juice, right into the pesto container.  (Making sure all the lemon pits are forked or fished out.  Hello slimy hands.)

the squeeze...

the squeeze...

Then I just stirred it up with my fork to “emulsify” the pesto.  (That’s a fancy word for “make like liquid.”  This is the part where you live your fantasy of drinking pesto through a straw, by the way – make sure you’re paying attention!)

the stir...

the stir...

And then I poured my new “dressing” over the yummy salad, stuck in a sprig o’ basil for presentation, and SERVE and ENJOY!

(Not sure why I’m worrying about presentation when it’s just me eating lunch, but anyway…  Always the performer, I guess.)

This delicious, tart, aromatic, crunchy salad is just that easy and SO delicious!  You also get the smooth, sweet mozzarella, the smoke of the walnuts, and the juice of the tomato – it simply POPs in your mouth!

Who knew lunch could be this good?


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  1. 1

    Wow. Sounds cool. I wonder how it would be with some tofu added?

  2. 2

    I still want to see the Punky Chef on video, complete with her rockin’ wild red hair, plaid mini-skirt, and bitchin’ boots! Cook for us, Baby!

  3. 3

    duodishes said,

    With you on this one! We love avo in salad. Sweet!

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