Welcome to the world of the Punky Chef!

Okay I'm usually more like a hyper 5-year old than this muggy mugshot might suggest...

Listen, people.  If I can cook, you can.  And I am the original “you’ll-never-catch-me-with-one-of-those-yuppie-spice-racks” type-person.  But recently I discovered that in stressful times, I find peace and relaxation from watching cooking shows, (the way spas and fish tanks and golf are relaxing to other people), and I’ve started to pick up a few things.  I love a pretty presentation, with eye-and-palate-whetting colors, and I like to be healthy and get a good mixture of veggies and proteins.  I also don’t have a lot of fancy cooking “things” and I have a tiny kitchen, so I keep it pretty simple for obvious reasons.

Recently, I started posting pics of my creations on my Facebook page – just for fun – and suddenly I was getting tons of comments from people wanting to know how I was making these dishes.  All the years of playing music all over this country, and then I make a tricolore salad with walnut-crusted goat cheese and people sit up and pay attention.

So welcome to my world.  I’m the singer/guitarist in a pop/punk band called The Happy Problem.  I have “chili red” dyed hair, a nose ring and a tattoo, and HEAVENS TO SEX PISTOLS, I like to cook!  I hope you will too, after reading some of these easy, cheap, and mostly quick recipes.  But actually, I don’t really care, because I like making them anyway, and will continue to post pics and descriptions while you go to the spa or stare at your fish tank.  So there.

ONE NOTE: I’m also a vegetarian, although not really because I eat free-range meat.  So anytime I’m using meat, it’s ALWAYS free-range – ’cause isn’t that better anyway?

ONE MORE NOTE: You can watch lots of videos of the happy problem on YouTube.  You can also visit our Facebook page.  And may I add that your food will taste better if eaten while listening to the happy problem, so you should buy our debut EP at CD Baby or oniTunes today!

EVEN ONE MORE NOTE: In the true punk spirit, I am a shameless promoter.  But this blog will truly be about food.  If you want to read more about the band and find out about upcoming shows and events, check out my OTHER blog, Saminating Shabermurs.

Ok!  On with the cooking!


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    bloomincasa said,

    All of these sound so Dee-licious!! Wow, I wish you were my neighbor or something so we could collaborate on some new dishes and some blog fun.

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