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Peachy Punky Sweet Cornbread: HOLLA!

Okay, I realize it’s not very punk to say the word “HOLLA”, but really that’s just the sound you make when you taste this surprisingly sweet n’ easy cornbread.  Witness Peachy Punky Sweet Cornbread!

Eet a-make-a you HONGRY!

Yes, this is a good one, especially with summer coming on.

Summer isn’t for like two months, Punky.

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Chocolate-Walnut-Strawberry Cornbread

Oh yes, people, you heard right.  Who said cornbread is only for jalapenos and cheddar?  (Though stay tuned for that version as well…)  I present to you, my special CHOCOLATE-WALNUT-STRAWBERRY CORNBREAD for dessert!  (Or snack, or breakfast, or fine, dip it in chili if you must, but I won’t be responsible for the results.  And I really think that’s a bad idea.)

Are your mouths watering yet, babies?

Are your mouths watering yet, babies?

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