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Disco Biscuits: Parmesan Lace Wafers with a Punky Party on Top!

These are the easiest thing ever, people, I’m serious.  And I don’t get serious very often, so this must be HUGE.  Seriously, you just shave, plop, and blot.  2 minutes.  Total perfection.  And I wanted to find a cool, punky name for them, y’know, like “Sid Viciousnesses” or “Ramonezones” or something.  But then I thought of awesome jam band the Disco Biscuits and suddenly there was no going back.  Witness:

Don't they just make you wanta BOOGIE?

Don't they just make you wanta BOOGIE?

Now there are few things farther from punk than a jam band.  First, jam bands have real musicians who tend to play their instruments extremely well.  Second, jam bands do not wear make-up, leather pants, lace stockings, or nose rings.  Third, the goal of the jam band is to gently rock and rhythm their audiences until they swirl and flutter gracefully around the floor like little entranced butterflies just out of the cocoon, whereas punk bands SLAM their audiences over the head, from the side and in the face with LOUD, PUSHY, OBNOXIOUS, ANGRY, CYNICAL emotion.  YEAH!  HAH!  UNGH!

I will say that cynicism goes well with the jam bands at times too, though they tend to express it with more of a “heh” than a “HAH!”, if you know what I mean.

But nevertheless!  A recipe title is a recipe title, and I have just enough integrity to know when it’s time to get my jam on.  So, grab a sheet pan and a cheese grater, and come with me…

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Tricolore Salad with Walnut-Crusted Goat Cheese

Looking for something to make with your leftover walnuts from the chocolate-strawberry-walnut cornbread?  A-HAH!  I have just the elegant and quick solution.  Witness Tricolore Salad with Walnut-Crusted Goat Cheese!

Trico-WHAA?  Whatevs - its TASTY!

Trico-WHAA? Whatevs - it's TASTY!

Now I know it’s looks fancy, and it sounds fancy, but trust me this salad is all about appearances.  Tricolore, as you might imagine, means 3 colors.  Green, Purple, and White in this case.  And basically all you’re doing is assembling the thing.  Honestly, the hardest part of this recipe is pronouncing the names.  And because you’re only using three leaves at a time, you can make like three of these salads from just one torpedo of radicchio and one torpedo of endive.  (Yeah ok, they’re not called torpedos, but check out the links to the pictures and you’ll see what I mean.  Terminology, schmerminology, folks.)  Ok!  Enough preamble!  Here goes: Read the rest of this entry »

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