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A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Quiche…

Funny things happen when you crack up...

Smiley Eggs

Yes, on the way to making a spinach, feta and tomato quiche this morning, I looked down into the bowl and what do you know?

Must’ve been those free-range eggs I used.

I’ve been gone for a loooong loooong time and really I have no excuse.  Ok that’s not true.  I have lots of ’em.  Most of them have something to do with the TWO bands I’m in now, and how busy they’ve been keeping me.  (In fact as I type this, concurrently baking a butternut squash to make a great crostini spread with goat cheese and cinnamon for New Years Eve), I am actually procrastinating from listening to the rough mixes of the new happy problem album.  Look out 2011 – big things are coming from the Punky!

And wait Punky, you say you have TWO bands now?

Oh yes, my little chefs, (I wanted to type “cheffies” but that just looks like some variety of blue cheese, so…), I am in TWO bands now, both very different from each other and both looking for bass players.


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So I keep saying I want you to send me your recipes and pictures and all other sundry (what the hell does that mean, really?) items, but I don’t give you my CONTACT INFO!  How unfriendly of me.  So…

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