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Free-Range Chicken and Veggie Ka-POWS!

Some call these skewers, some call them kebobs, a cute, freckled English guy I once knew named Luke even called them “ke-babs,” (which of course I thought was as cute as he was), BUT these tasty little numbers are so flavorful and emotionally rewarding that I am now officially re-christening them.  Witness Free-Range Chicken and Veggie Ka-POWS!

They're the stars of the show!

They're the stars of the show!

Brace yourself for the greatest summer barbecue experience of your life.  (Look how cocky Punky’s become!)  And I don’t even own a barbecue grill, (or a backyard, for that matter), so I’m also cocky enough to have borrowed one from a friend.  (Fine my wonderful friend Kate had actually INVITED us over for dinner on the grill, but I was still cocky enough to bring my own FOOD to said barbecue and use Kate to experiment on.  Such cockiness.)

But YOU will feel cocky TOO when you make these, because they are easy, healthy, cheap, and BURSTING with flavor!  So get-cher skewers and come with me…

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