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PunkyChefPunky Chef say:

I, your trusty Punky Chef, have a new friend to introduce to you: Let’s call him Wino Mike! (Because it rhymes with “DynoMite” and I love that, and it’s my blog, so there.) Wino Mike owns a wonderful wine store called Storyteller Wine Co. in Portland, Oregon and has agreed to be our punky semmolier here and give us some great recommendations for certain dishes. So, always keep an eye out for the Story Teller icon, and now… Wino Mike, TAKE IT AWAY!

Dynomite WinoMike!WinoMike say:

Hello Punky Chefs!  Glad to be  here.  And for my first trick, I will suggest a wine for the Mexican Free-Range Chicken Soup, described in the previous post. Read the rest of this entry »

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