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Punky Pesto Pasta Party!

And now we have for you another Punky specialty!  Punky in its simplicity, Punky in its colorful fashion sense, and Punky in its POW flavor.  No need to stage dive to get your kicks here, just try my Punky Pesto Pasta Party!

My taste buds think it's gorgeous too...

My taste buds think it's gorgeous too...

Oh yes, this whole thing takes about twenty minutes – just the length of time you need to make spaghetti.  And it’s so pretty pretty and tasty tasty!  Savory pesto, smoky crunchy walnuts, sharp Parmesan, sweet tomatoes, and salty calamata olives – AND you can look at this pasta on your table and say, “You know, dahling, yooou look MAHVELOUS.”  This recipe is great for big groups or small intimate dins with PLENTY of leftovers.  And hey – it tastes just as good cold, so it’s a pasta and a pasta SALAD all-in-one!  Come with me… Read the rest of this entry »

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