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Lucky 7 Salad!

Yes… I’M BACK!  I know your life has been empty and hungry without your Punky Chef.  So sing to the heavens, hug thy neighbor, and get EXCITED, people.  I’ve been busy traveling and working on many things happy problem.  (New songs!  Visit  Sorry, brief promotional moment.)  AND, Punky Chef is now AUNT PUNKY CHEF.  Witness my two gorgeous new nephews – born within 24 hours of each other to my sister and my sister-in-law:

Ryder Punky - doing his very first Elvis impression

Punky Ryder - doing his very first Elvis impression

David Punky - doing his first Johnny Rotten impression

Punky David - doing his first Johnny Rotten impression

So I’ve been enjoying the baby parade for the last three weeks, and am now getting back to my teensy kitchen and starting to cook again.  And just to ease us all back in, I’m throwing this fabboo, quick, healthy lunch at you.  Witness Lucky 7 Salad!

Do ya feel LUCKY, Punk?

Do ya feel LUCKY, Punk?

Yeah, it’s pretty much the easiest ever, thanks to our “7” theme and also to the wonderful people at Newman’s Own for the dressing.  Come with me…

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Salmon-Feta Salad: Introducing the Steve Lillywhite!

I don’t know why I didn’t think of this before, but names of punk icons make for very good recipe titles.  I made this delicious salad on Friday, with smoked salmon, feta, Greek olives, cukes, shallots and lemon-olive oil dressing on a romaine “bed”, but I haven’t posted the recipe yet because I was stuck for a good title.  (And because the happy problem had an awesome gig in Santa Barbara Saturday night, might I add, which was great, but my computer and I were briefly separated.)  But now I proudly present to you: The Steve Lillywhite!

it's like a classic album in your MOUTH!

it's like a classic album in your MOUTH!

“Salmon Greek Salad?”  “Smoked Salmon-Feta Salad?”  None of them seemed quite right.  BUT THEN, back in Hollywood last night, walking from my parked car to my building with guitar bags, gear bags, merch bags, and toiletry bags hanging off my shoulders, and a Line 6 amp hanging from my right arm, I passed a red rental Toyota and who should be getting into it but Mr. Steve Lillywhite himself!  (I considered saying hello, but quickly took-in my bag lady appearance, and thought better of it.  You do not want to meet Steve Lillywhite when you look like a lost hippie from Venice Beach.  Just trust me on this one.)  So I let the man go, but at the same moment, quietly decided to name my latest salad creation after him in homage.  And WHO THE HELL IS STEVE LILLYWHITE?  You might well ask.  Well, he’s only the producer of classic albums by Peter Gabriel, Talking Heads, Psychedelic Furs, Siouxie and the Banshees, The Pogues, Simple Minds, Morrissey, Dave Matthews, Counting Crows, Crowded House, Matchbox 20, and there’s one more that I’m missing.  Who could it be?  Wait, it’ll come to me.  Oh yeah —


Oh yes, Mr. Steve Lillywhite, a medium-height, friendly-but-cynical, handsome blond man, seen just last night getting into a red Toyota, is the esteemed producer of such legendary albums as “No Line on the Horizon,” “How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb,” “All That You Can’t Leave Behind,” “Boy,” “Under A Blood Red Sky,” “Joshua Tree” and more.  So how appropriate to honor such unmatched greatness with a new SALAD?  (Sorry, Mr. Lillywhite.)  Come with me…

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Lemon Pesto Pop Chop Salad!

No, do not adjust your monitor – you read that right.  Have you ever said you wanted to drink pesto through a straw?  Well now you practically can.  This chop salad has carrots, walnuts, tomato, mozzarella, avocado, and romaine, and along with the lemon-pesto dressing, it totally POPs in your mouth.  Witness: Lemon Pesto Pop Chop Salad:

POP!  CRACKLE!  SNAP!  Wait a second, that sounds familiar...

POP! CRACKLE! SNAP! Wait a second, that sounds familiar...

And the best thing about this salad, is that most of the ingredients came from my Farmer’s Market!  All I did was chop and POP.  Come with me, young grasshoppah…

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Bad-Ass Bruschetta…

Oh yes, I did just say that.  And I mean “Bad-Ass” as in “kick-in-the…”  Hey, I AM the Punky Chef, after all.  And when you taste this version of a classic appetizer, you’ll understand WHY!  Witness: Bad-Ass Bruschetta.

Get ready for a kick in the pants, people.

Get ready for a kick in the pants, people.

Yes, this ain’t ‘cher madre’s bruschetta.  This is Bruschetta with a KICK, thanks to pepper and fresh chopped garlic.  We’ve also got some other special treats like shaved Parmesan and fresh julienned basil.  You can get almost everything for this delish dish from your local Farmer’s Market, and the whole thing takes like 20 minutes, so saddle-up my punky friends!  And don’t forget your padding.  Come with me…

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Smoked Salmon Tarts – They’ll Be SO Impressed…

Okay, this is the greatest.  Not just because it tastes amazing, but because it’s a PUN!  Little salmon bites with cucumber, cream cheese, dill and lemon zest – they’re Smoked Salmon TARTS, get it?  They’re like little tarts, AND they’re tart!  (Please tell me you get it.)  Oh I slay myself…

those little sluts...

those little sluts...

Yes, this one is awesome and easy and tasty AND impressive, because look how pretty they are!  And no baking, no frying, no boiling – just some yummy room temperature fun.  I threw a spontaneous appetizer party tonight for some good friends – just like Ina Garten always does on Barefoot Contessa.  I totally Ina’d tonight, dudes!  I made the Greek Nachos, some special Bad-Ass Bruschetta, which I’ll tell you about soon, and these Smoked Salmon Tarts.  My friends brought wine, and a fabulous feasting time was had by all!  We even forgot to have DINNER afterwards because we were so well-appetized.  So, grab your taste buds (and your close buds – oh I slay myself) and come with me… Read the rest of this entry »

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Kiss Me, I’m… A Limerick Sandwich!

Ok, these post titles are really getting ridiculous, people.  But this amazing sandwich of cucumber and butter, edged with cream cheese and scallions, is called the Limerick, and it brings me right back to the homeland… well, not to Ireland, but to Scotland.  (And fine, that’s not even my homeland, but anyway…)  Ahem.  Feast your eyes:

the GREEN!  the WHITE!  the YUM!

the GREEN! the WHITE! the YUM!

I discovered this simple and incredibly tasty sandwich at Chado Tea Room – my favorite place to go in Los Angeles when I want to feel like I’m NOT in Los Angeles, but rather in some Merchant Ivory film set in late-century Britain.  (I am also, in these moments, a seventy-five-year-old woman who bakes cookies and goes to the Old Castle Tavern in St. Andrews, Scotland every night to drink Guinness and knit sweaters for my grandchildren.  It’s just one of my fantasies.  Bear with me.)  WOW, did I get off topic.  The point is, at Chado, they have a Limerick sandwich on the menu and I have replicated it for you HERE, so you can ENJOY the crunch of the cukes, the crisp of the scallions, the salt of the cream cheese, and the Ooh-la-la of the butter.  Get your knitting needles, and come with me… Read the rest of this entry »

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