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Overall TIPS before you start…


Okay, just to summarize what months of watching cooking shows has taught me, here are some TIPS and below them, a good basic TOOL LIST and GROCERY LIST to get you on your way, my lovely chefs!

Ah likes me a big knife, people! But seriously, the better and sharper your knife, the less likely you are to hurt yourself because the less you will actually have to WORK to cut things. Why slave over an onion, changing hands, changing angles, slipping the blade on tough skins and slitting your wrists, when you can just use the sharpness of the knife to do the work for you? Knives are not cheap, but do yourself a favor and make this your one big investment in your new chef career! You can skimp on the mixing bowls (dollar store), silverware (Target), cutting boards (charity thrift shop), and pans (re-used take-out containers), but DO NOT skimp on your big knife!

When you watch the cooking shows and you see Ina (my love) and Rachel and Lidia turning on the burners and throwing in the garlic, while simultaneously chopping the vegetables and chicken, it’s like fine art – a ballet for the eyes!  Ahh, how they multi-task!!  BUT, do not be fooled.  Until you can chop and prep QUICKLY, I suggest always doing all the chopping and peeling and prepping BEFORE you turn on the heat and start to cook.  Then you can breathe easily while you’re cooking, because everything’s ready when you need it!


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