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Stir-Crazy Stir-Fry! with Broccoli and Tofu

There’s nothing punkier than a little stir-fry, because, let’s face it, it’s one step beyond eating Ramen noodles for 75 cents, and ALL punk musicians live on Ramen noodles at some point.  But just ’cause it’s basic, doesn’t mean stir-fry has to be boring, greasy, or complicated!  And since I’m losing my mind with this broken ankle and all the sitting around I have to do, I thought I’d use my pain to add a catchy title to this whole shebang.  So now I present to you: Punky Chef 101 – Easy Asian Stir-Crazy Stir-Fry with Broccoli and Tofu… whew!

Can you tell I like my blue plate?  Hmm...

Can you tell I like my blue plate? Hmm...

Yes, I almost didn’t post this recipe because I thought, “Well, everyone knows how to make stir-fry,” and I thought, “Well, it’s not like I INVENTED the damn thing,” but THEN I thought, “Well, maybe NOT everybody knows how to make stir-fry and besides, this blog isn’t really about what I’ve invented, it’s about what I’ve LEARNED, and how I want to share that with YOU, dagnabbit!”  So in conclusion, on with the ‘fry! Read the rest of this entry »

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The Luxury of Leftovers – Red Pepper Basil Penang Curry

This is actually a special Easter/Passover post, because after all that cooking, you are TIRED, man.  You want to eat without any more FUSS.  So here we have a special LEFTOVERS entry to help put on your creative brain and “spice up” something you already have around. But just to be punky and annoying, I’m not doing it with anything you would’ve made for Easter or Passover – I’m using some Thai Curry I had instead.  Ha HAH!  But it’s the same idea – add “B” and “C” to “A” and you get “D”elicious!  (Did I just lose you?)  Anyway, with this in mind, witness Red Pepper Basil Penang Curry!

WOW!  YOU made that?  No, actually, I didn't, so there.

WOW! YOU made that? No, actually, I assembled it. So there.

Yeah, so this one doesn’t even really have a recipe, more of a story actually.  Basically, I love the Penang Curry with Tofu at my fave Thai place in Hollywood, Torung.  (Click on that link to read the F.O.O.D. entry in my other blog, Saminating Shabermurs, all about the wonders of Torung, and other cheap places where I love to eat.)  (F.O.O.D. stands for Favorite Offbeat Offordable Dineries.)

Anyway, after some good BYOB wine, and some fresh spring rolls, I wasn’t hungry enough to eat the whole Penang dish, so I took home the LEFTOVERS and got ready to eat them the next day for lunch.  And it was THEN, that I got an idea… Read the rest of this entry »

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