Snappy Sweet n’ Salty Spring Salad!

Yeesss, Spring is upon us people, and nowhere is that more evident than at my local Farmer’s Market, where sugar snap peas were on the tables this week.  So, in honor of the ‘snaps, I bring you: Snappy Sweet n’ Salty Spring Salad!

I'm not sure what little animal I was trying to make on top there.  Maybe a fish?  Caterpillar?  Maybe just a feathered earring.

I'm not sure what little animal I was trying to make on top there. Maybe a fish? Caterpillar? Maybe just a feathered earring like your Anthropology professor used to wear. Either way, not very appetizing.

I am a HUGE sugar snap pea fan, and it’s one of the only vegetables that remains stubbornly seasonal.  Yeah you can get strawberries anytime of the year, and we pretend that leeks and potatoes are a winter thing, but we all know they’re just hangin’ happily in the produce section all 365 days.  But Sugar Snaps?  Oh no, people.  They are SPECIAL.  They do not let us in to their snappy, crispy, sweet little world unless they feel like it.  (And unless it’s Spring.)  So let’s celebrate the ‘snaps with this crunchy, yummy little salad!  I combined the crisp of veggies with the crunch of walnuts and pepito seeds, and the sweet of the ‘snaps with the smoke of the nuts and the salt of the… well, of the salt.  Come with me…

Small mixing bowl
Big knife
Carrot peeler
Fork, large spoon

9 sugar snap peas
Handful chopped and rinsed romaine lettuce
1/2 large carrot, peeled and chopped
1/8 avocado, sliced
Small handful walnuts
Handful pepito seeds
Mexican Caesar dressing (also see my Black Bean Walnut Caesar Salad recipe for info on this addictive dressing.)
Kosher salt/pepper

Throw the handful of chopped romaine, handful of pepito seeds, and chopped carrot into your mixing bowl.  (For
TIPS on chopping carrots, click that link to go to the TIPS page – convenient, eh?)

Then take a small handful of walnuts and chop them also – you’d be surprised how soft those lil’ suckers are!  Don’t need to make them too small – just imagine how you’d like them as they’re delivered into your mouth on your fork.  (I find that’s what most of cooking really is – picture yourself EATING, and then COOK ACCORDINGLY.  You’re not running a restaurant here, people.  Just feed yourself and be happy.  So say Punky Chef, eh?)  Throw the chopped nuts into the bowl

Rinse about 9 sugar snaps and dry them.  Chop off the flat, stringy tips with your big knife and toss out.  Then chop ’em into little sections – you’ll probably get like 5 or 6 little chops to each ‘snap.  Toss into the bowl, but save one last ‘snap for your fish/caterpillar/earring design on the top.

Dribble as much dressing as you like (I’m a pretty dry gal when it comes to this) and toss together with the fork and the big spoon, moving slowly so as not to spill any precious morsels on the floor, and scraping your tools to make sure you get it all back into the bowl each time.  Spoon out onto your little plate.

Slice the 1/8 avocado into thin pieces and sort of slide/shove/flop them around the edges of your plate.  Place the last sliced sugar snap on top – look at you, such a caterer, eh Cutie?  Add just a *teeny pinch* of kosher salt – I’m serious, like you can see the granules when they fall, so just make sure there’s a couple on each slice of avo and a few more throughout.  Toss leftover salt over your shoulder and make a wish.

Or something like that.

And the same with the pepper – just grind a tiny bit to give an extra edge of spice, but not so that it overpowers everything else.

Now make sure your teeth are sharpened for all the extra crunching you’re about to do, and SERVE and ENJOY!  The mix of flavors, colors, and textures in this little salad makes it SPRING TO LIFE in your mouth – ha ha!

wuv and bad puns,

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